Get Your Closet Ready for Fall

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Get Your Closet Ready for Fall

Take Stock of Your Closet

Do you sometimes experience a “clothing crisis” in the morning? If you want a fully functioning closet with clothes that look great, fit well, and make you happy, then get serious about organizing your closet! When you can easily choose an outfit that matches your mood and your tasks for the day, mornings are a lot easier. It begins with having enough room in your own closet. If you don’t rotate your clothes with the seasons, try it this fall!

By removing off-season summer clothes, you give your sweaters and jeans room to breathe. Besides, there’s nothing more frustrating than prying a blouse from between other hangers to find it crushed and wrinkled.

If you spend just a few minutes at this, I promise you will feel better about how you look and feel every day. (Okay, it might take you more than one session if you have a stuffed closet. However, looking and feeling great is worth the effort, right?)


Let’s Get Started!

The first step is fish out everything that’s summer weight or short-sleeved. Make a pile for items that need mending or dry-cleaning. Designate another spot for the things you wore only once or not at all this summer. Put items to wash directly into a laundry basket.

As you look at the things you barely wore, try them on. What do you think of the color, and how does it fit? If it’s not comfortable to wear, there’s nothing wrong with giving it away. If you haven’t worn it all summer, do you think you’ll wear it next summer? Moving those things out of your closet will make room for clothes you really love.

Be warned that this can be difficult because of the cute factor, or because you may feel wasteful. “But it’s brand new with tags, it was a bargain and it’s really cute!” Ask yourself if a friend had that in her closet, what would you tell her to do? Sometimes you have to be ruthless in what you decide to give away.

The other thing you’ll need is a clipboard or a notebook. Some of your items will be a charitable donation for your taxes. Just write down what it is, “work blouse,” and put it into the donation bag. When you find another blouse to give away, add a hash mark to count the additional items.

For things you’re keeping, but won’t be wearing this winter, we’ll get back to storage in a moment.


Rotate Shoes, Too

Look at the floor of your closet and take inventory. Bring a bag so you can toss the things you haven’t been using. Donate shoes still in decent shape. Are there flip-flops that have no traction, or dusty sneakers you haven’t worn lately? Decide if they’re still usable, and sort your shoes by keep, donate, or toss.


Packing Up Summer

Clear plastic bins make ideal clothing storage containers. Do not use cardboard boxes because they can start to degrade, and critters can get into them. Storing clothes in vacuum pack plastic will keep them from breathing, which can harm delicate fabrics.

After you’ve sorted the summer items to keep, roll up the T-shirts and blouses. They will take up less space in your plastic bin, and have fewer wrinkles by springtime. Put thicker fabrics on the bottom of your container, and layer the lightweight items on top. You can also tuck a dryer sheet into the shoes to keep things fresh.

Store the bins under your bed, or in the bottom of your closet. The attic can also be a good place to store clothes in the winter but may be too hot for summer storage. This is another great reason to let go of the things you don’t wear. You’ll have less to store next season.


Fall Closet Cleaning

With your closet is nearly empty and your summer clothes are tucked away, do a quick sweep of the floor. Get any dust bunnies that may have hopped in, and wipe any cobwebs off the wall.

Now it’s time to take inventory of your hangers. Donate any wire hangers with your clothes. They aren’t friendly to your clothes. On the other hand, plastic hangers without shoulder cutouts don’t keep silky fabrics in place. Spend less than $20 on felted hangers, and you’ll be glad you did. Imagine something staying on the hanger the first time you put it there!


Sweaters, Jeans and More

Now is the easy part… sorting and hanging your winter wardrobe. Look for things you didn’t wear much last year, and try those on too. If you don’t feel a strong reaction (either good or bad) you should consider passing it on. Your clothes make a public statement about you, so don’t settle on an outdated image.

Hangers can distort the shoulders of your sweaters, so fold them neatly to keep their shape. Look through your sweaters carefully, and check for any small holes or loose threads.

What about all those jeans? Consider how many pairs you really need. It can be hard to decide which ones to keep, but pants that don’t fit should go. 


Once you free yourself from a cluttered closet, you start your morning with only things you enjoy wearing. Your clothing is a reflection of your personal style and can add to your confidence and beauty. Changing your closet with the seasons will keep your wardrobe pieces easily accessible, and make it easier every day to show that personal style.

If you need more great reasons to switch out your wardrobe for the fall, I’d be happy to help with your closet.


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